You will agree with me that Igbo ladies are one of the most beautiful ladies in Nigerian tribes.

Reasons Why Yoruba Men Will Prefer To Marry Igbo LadiesEven though most people usually say that most Igbo ladies love money in marriage. It is a common thing that everyone loves money and cannot do with it.

As we all know that being beautiful as a lady is not enough to become a perfect wife, below are reasons why Yoruba men will prefer to marry Igbo Ladies.

1.   Smartness

Apart from beauty, it is a well-known saying that most Igbo Ladies are smart in nature. I am not talking about being smart in terms of a book but being smart in terms of life. They know how to get what they want and before they pick you as a husband they must have seen you have a lot of potentials and trust me no man wants to get married to a dull lady.

2.   Igbo Ladies are Hardworking

it’s uncommon to find a lazy Igbo lady because generally most of them are business-minded just like their men and even though they demand money from their husbands they also want to be financially dependent on their own so they can play a key role in taking proper care of their kids.

Reasons Why Yoruba Men Will Prefer To Marry Igbo Ladies

3.   Big Thinkers

This can bring good things and bad things but most times, it is usually a good thing.

Igbo ladies ain’t the type of women that just sit and wait for the man to make all the decisions of the family if she sees the man’s plan isn’t working she will also make a plan of her own to try to lift the family away from a difficult situation because they hate to see their children suffer.

Don’t be surprised as a husband when one day your wife may just tell you she has built a house or arrange for your children to school abroad, you will wonder how she got the money you don’t know she has been planning it for years without telling you.

4.   They push their husbands to reach their full potential

An Igbo woman won’t let you rest if she discovers you are becoming lazy as a man or you are not putting the best effort to take care of the family.

She will always be on your neck, advising as well as nagging until you are neither motivated to work harder or forced to do so

5.   Rarely file for divorced or separation

When you guys are dating she can easily leave you for a better person but once you pay her bride price, she will stay with you till death even if you develop a bad attitude.

Mostly because she knows what you went through alone to pay her bride price and also because Igbo ladies like covering the faults of her husband in the open, she may nag you inside the room but she won’t take the family problems out in the open

6.   Most Igbo ladies are great cooks

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Igbo ladies are very good at this.

They are more than capable when it comes to taking care of the family and husband with different kinds of foreign and native dishes.

7.   Have very good personal hygiene

Igbo ladies value cleanness, in fact, it’s one of the things they pay kin attention to, even when they get married they always make sure they look clean and neat not only themselves but their family as a whole husband and the children

8.    They don’t Joke With Their Children

Igbo mothers love their children more than they love anything in this world, more than their husbands, and more than themselves.

They can do anything to make sure their children have the best in life, good food, and sound education.

That’s why it’s very hard for them to send their children hawking on the streets they rather do it themselves.

There are more reasons but we will stop here. You can do yours below

Note: Every woman in every tribe is a wonderful wife.

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