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Recent Talks About Naija

Africa must grow by mobilizing domestic infrastructure financing gap estimated at $64-108bn.

Abuja, the once beautiful Nigeria’s administrative capital, is beginning to buckle under the weight of the surge of men, women and children; either seeking for non-existent white-collar jobs or simply a refuge away from the nightmarish life in Nigeria’s far northern states.

Also Lagos, The notorious Lagos traffic gridlock, which before now was a tale from other lands; is gradually creping in. Movement from one part of town to another is becoming an unbelievably harrowing experience. Robberies and car jerking are now, more than ever before a regular occurrence.

And people, still keep on migrating to this cities to earn a living while the cities is not large enough to occupy the numbers of people coming to the cities on a regular basis. Nigerian known as the giant of Africa can not take care of her people financially, well secure, good job, but rather give her people life agony.

Previous efforts made by the President Olusegun Obasanjo-led administration with the then Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, now Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, to enforce compliance with the city’s master plan after several distortions, fizzled out as soon as they both left office.

The rate of unemployment in the country makes the people look stranded. almost quarter of Nigerian population are unemployed report also said “Some people will leave home for work and whereas they have no where to go.

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Nigeria produced over 60,000 graduate in a year, currently having over millions of graduate that are jobless. Over 150 millions of her people in abject poverty. With remunerative mineral resources, enough to take care of over one billions people.

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