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Red Flags To Look Out For In A Relationship

Good morning all, I bring you something really juicy from Funmy’s secret … Trust me you don’t wanna miss out on this.

Red Flags

As we go about our work this week, our relationships also needs to be considered.

This morning we will be looking at some red flags (danger signs) to look at for in your relationship.

Remember red flag is like a traffic light(especially the red one), it will be foolish of you to see it and keep moving ahead,you either stop,evaluate or turn back.

Spiritual Apathy : Check for the spiritual foundation, do you both share the same faith?

There will be a time in your marriage that you will really need prayer rather than the swag or the fine face and curves

Undue Haste : Every relationship should be subject to the test of time. You don’t just rush everything coz there are some things you will never see unless you take time.

If your partner is always rushing you then I think maybe you need to take step back.

Disregard for Authority : When you have a partner who isn’t submissive, they have nobody they listen to,everybody is always wrong, their parent,their boss, their pastor etc.

You need to wait and open your eyes.

Isolation for destruction : They cut you off from people existing inΒ  your life before. They give you the _”us versus the world mentality”.

When they will eventually start to abuse you there will be no one for you to run to.

Abuse : Abuse comes in many forms, but there is one thing common with all of them “fear “. When your partner presence bread fear rather than inspiration.

Destructive Anger : In this case don’t be deceived because they are usually gentle with you, but when they get angry with other people they can’t just control it.. My dear it will later be your turn,it’s important to check how your partner treat others rather than how they treat you at times.

Secret : They’re always hiding things from you. I’m not talking about surprise o.

Watch it you might end up married to a stranger.

Lack of Communication :Β  This people always want to sweep issues under the carpet, they run from questions.

“I don’t want to talk about it or I know what am doing ” is their favourite phrase”

Communication in relationship is the master key. it doesn’t matter how, when or where, just make sure you communicate.

The thing about red flags is they are always there,is just that we are always to caught up in the excitement to notice them, unless God help you and open your eyes or send people to you.

Here is the bonus one to look at for..

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Time waster:- they neither want you nor want you go.they just want to stay at the entrance, they behave as if they want you today but tomorrow they are something else, they just leave you confused.

Runaway from people that are critical of their Ex.

God is passionate and interested in your relationship.

Doing relationship the God’s way is the goal.

It might not be easy but trust me with God it’s achievable.

It takes a man/woman that love God to love you correctly, to not cheat on you,to not deceive coz it will be against their faith.

Β Funmy’s secret loves you and we don’t mind feedback.😘😘😘

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