Have you ever thought of having a school management software system that can make your work easier and faster?

Scadware Review: Why You Should Start Using this Powerful School Management Software


Perhaps you need a tool to help you improve your day-to-day activities in areas such as Education, Transportation, Accounting, Human resources then Scadware may just be a perfect solution for that.

Below contains every information you need to know about Scadware, the powerful school management software:


What is Scadware 

The name ‘Scadware’ which was coined from School Administration software is a management information system designed for educational and business purposes.

Scadware is developed and deployed by an Easy processing company and has dealers in Nigeria.


Why Scadware 

It is a common truth that most school administrators usually face difficulties when managing students and staff.

This has affected curriculum standards and hiring guidelines with cumbersome records to keep for future purposes.

Generally, School establishments are known for creating different daily activities such as homework assignments, disciplinary actions, behaviour management, and fee payment.


A good way to keep track or record of every school activity is by adopting an accurate and customized management system which has a great tendency to make work easier for school administrators.

With the help of Scadware, students can now have quick access to their own records without having to wait for weeks or months.

The school administration software also makes provision for registering students into their respective classes or courses, documenting grades, getting transcripts, results of student tests, examinations, assessment scores, and other features for easy verification.

Scadware carries every process automatically, thereby making it easier and faster to keep records clean, secured, complete, organized, and easy to retrieve.

Both the school teachers and administrators can easily give records of all events that concern each student and parents can then have access to the system to check those records.

The amazing part is that with just a few clicks, any authorized user can bring out a student’s entire information quickly.

Features of Scadware 

Below are the fundamental and third-party features that can be selected and integrated with Scadware based on their purpose.

management software


Admission Module

This module helps to manage admission processes for schools including the ability to indicate which classes are active for admission and their requirements.

Admission Module automates courses, intake for each class, seat division, eligibility, merit, fee structures, revisions, concessions, and sponsorship on a fee for different

category of students, admission cancellation policies, late fee policy and

integration with the finance module. 

Some of its benefits are:

  • Handling inquiries from prospective students
  • Handling form submission and purchase
  • Handling Qualification Exams and Onboarding
  • A single dashboard of information detailing their progression through
  • the application process
  • Design and build unlimited digital forms and form packs
  • The ability to take online payments
  • Continuous new feature development at no extra cost


Academic Module

This is a type of module that takes care of everything that is targeted to learning, education, and teaching.

It allows course materials (Mobile and Web), IBT and CBT Exams (Theory and Multiple Options), Assignments (Engaging Designs) and supports integrations such as Moddle, Google Classrooms.

The academic module also supports onsite(in premises), distance learning, and other related academic works.

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Benefits of Academic Module include: 

  • Handling records of examinations, assessments, marks, grades and
  • academic progression.
  • Student Credential Management.
  • Maintenance and reporting of student data.
  • Integrate with teaching platforms like Moodle.
  • Communicating student details to parents or other persons authorized by the student, through a portal.
  • Regulatory reporting and reports for accrediting bodies.
  • Transcripts Generation.



Attendance Module

It’s a wholesome module that integrates and automates different attendance-keeping methods including login-based attendance and biometric (Fingerprint, Face recognition).

The attendance module also helps to maintain records of absences as well as computes the attendance records of staff and students.

Generating attendance reports for courses, department, and facilities become easier and faster with the help of the attendance module that has been integrated with the powerful Scadware.



Timetable And Scheduling Module

This is a well-designed module that empowers every class with powerful tools to help them effectively manage their work.

These tools are academic calendar, planning, scheduling, time-table, reminders, emailing, sending of SMS, and many more.

It is a known fact in the educational sector that the best way of improving parental engagement is to have all the necessary information in one place.

The powerful time-table and scheduling feature in Scadware delivers a great and much-improved user experience, thereby ensuring that events, activities, and booking are merged into one single view.

Some of the benefits of this module include:

  • Reduce printing costs by never having to print calendar booklets again
  • Dynamically update your school’s marketing website with events that
  • you would like to share publicly
  • Allow parents to synchronize their chosen view directly to their personal
  • calendar
  • Create class and teacher schedules.
  • Assess teachers’ timetables for the week.
  • Automatically generate student’s time table and review clashes.

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Survey Module

This module enables the school to request information about users’ experiences (including parents, teachers, and students) with the education system.

The amazing benefit of the survey module is that it fosters parental engagement which means that parents can take a survey about their student’s performance or status all in Scadware.

Other benefits include:

  • Improving the initial teacher education, teacher induction, and continuing professional development to ensure a robust knowledge base in the profession in line with national policy priorities.





Computer Based Test / Internet-Based Test Module

This type of module is an internet-based test that maintains records of absences and attendance.

It fosters and records communications with students and also maintains discipline records.

The Online test module provides the flexibility of defining sections, categories, sectional cut-offs mark, marking patterns, negative markings, per question, or overall timing and marks.

The module also makes it possible for Users to generate attendance reports for classes, individual students.



Accounting and Budgeting Module


As the name implies, we can say this module is strictly for business owners or entrepreneurs to help them manage all calculations of income and expenses from all sectors including admission fees, purchases, tuition, and so on.

The Module also has a card-less payment gateway that supports both offline payments (USSD) and online bank transfers thereby bringing a complete and accurate solution to financial transactions of any kind.


Other inbuilt features under the Accounting and budgeting module are:

  •  Diverse Invoice Types (Onsite bills, Distance Learning Bills and much more)
  •  Easy Student Access Control on SCADWARE.
  •  Cardless Payment System (USSD and Bank Transfer)
  •  Supports other integrations like Paystack,
  •  Remitta, Paypal, and much more.
  •  Comprehensive Income analysis and Budget
  •  Allocation with Predictions.

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Webmail Collaboration Module

Email collaboration module is another good integration feature of Scadware that is designed to help students, teachers, and parents involved in a common task to accomplish their objectives.

Each one in this unit is entitled to an email address like mike@parents.yourschool.com.

The module also has a Group email which can as well be customized well to suit this pattern parents@yourschool.com and can be programmed to target all registered staff, students, and parents in the school.




Infrastructure Module

This module locates all physical infrastructures and automates their allocation, utilization, booking, and many others, thereby ensuring effective utilization, reduced downtime, and ease of access.

It also helps to integrate buildings, rooms, laboratories, hostels, canteens, offices, medical facilities, gaming facilities, reporting, and others.





Inventory / Stock Control Module

The inventory/Stock module enables the user to keep track of stock levels.

It manages items purchased and items sold with their quantities.

Also, the module helps to monitor high usage with low usage items.



Hotel / Hostel Management Module


Technology has changed the way things are being managed and as a matter of fact, it’s advisable for everyone to revolve with the latest system.

People who are currently working as managers in hotels or hostels will understand that managing an institute takes a lot of time, resources, energy to run but with the help of a powerful software called Scadware.

The Hotel management module which has been integrated with Scadware helps to take care of hostel functioning, dormitory allotment, permanent/temporary allotment, night-out applications, grievance management, canteen management, billing, reporting, and much more.





Human Resource Module

This module is the combination of all the recruiting, training, and on-boarding-related activities.

It also helps to take control of roaster, advertisements, marketing, reservations, applications, scrutiny for eligibility, interviews, grade pays appointment orders, and reporting.

The human resource module looks after multiple tasks, ranging from leave management to payroll management.

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Library / E-Library Management Module

This module has a feature that allows organizations to manage their library department efficiently.

It makes it easy to record management of books purchased, book missing, booked rented out, and many more.

It aids the full accountability of the library.



Transportation Module

As we all know that managing transport can be so stressful without a good system in place.

This module includes fleet management, vehicle and driver allocation, route management, document renewal, trip management, maintenance, and spare parts management, stocking, tracking, finance support, logistics, reporting, and other related functions.

With this well-integrated feature, you can manage transportation, also get precise information about vehicle location (GPS device installation is optional).

You can also track or keep records of drivers or staff log entries on a daily basis.

Clinic Management

The module helps in managing all school clinic transactions. student visitations, diagnoses, and treatments.

Clinic Management also reviews students’ health history and improvement.

Why Scadware is a Unique School Management Software 

  • The first thing you should know about this powerful management software is that it was developed with the school administrators in mind.
  • What this means is that Scadware makes it easy for any school administrator to manage the day-to-day affairs of the school from anywhere in the world.
  • With a fully dedicated server, you can as well customize SCADWARE to your own need and mode of operation in any exhausting training session because it is very easy to use.
  • You get easy access to our database of affordable foreign universities that offer scholarships to your graduated students.
  • It is very affordable as each student would only pay a token which serves as a service charge for the use of the system.
  • Fully automated record-keeping on all levels.
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • The software will be hosted remotely which means that you can use it anywhere in this world as there is no need for onsite infrastructure.
  • No expense in the development and deployment of the software
  • Continuous new features development at no extra cost
  • Source of revenue generation for the school/institution involved.
  • You also enjoy a fully dedicated server and database with no downtime.





What are the exciting benefits of using Scadware? 

Apart from using this powerful management software, you can also win exciting benefits such as Laptops,  Tablets, LED Monitor desktop computers, or a fully operational computer lab with internet facilities.


Take advantage of our zero upfront payment policy and acquire SCADWARE for your institution.

It requires no installation as you can run it on several devices including your mobile phones (Androids, IOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, and others), tablets, and desktop computers.

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