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See 5 Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holder Can Visit

Are you aware that as a Nigerian Passport Holder, You can pay a visit to over 30 Countries with no need of a visa to gain entry to any of the countries highlighted below:

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Here are five on our list that you can visit as a Nigerian Passport holder:

1) Barbados – Caribbean Region

A visit to Barbados by Nigerian allow you a stay for six months without the need of Visa.

Incase you don’t know, Barbados is one of the Rich countries in the history and has some of the beautiful beaches.

Rihanna home town in Barbados - Nigerian Passport Holder

Barbados is an hometown of Popular female singer, Rihanna.

You will only be required to tender an E-Passport and return ticket and proof of enough money to gain entry into the country.

Note that the Visa-Free Stay will only last up for 6 Months.

Bangladesh - Nigerian Passport holder

2) Bangladesh – Asia

Bangladesh gives a 30 days permit for Nigerians to stay in the country.

You will be asked to tender $500 funds and return ticket.

Enjoy the best of Bangladesh’s cusine and visit the port city of Chittagong for an amazing experience.

Bangladesh’s cusine and visit to the port city of Chittagong for an amazing experience will never make you boring.

3) Burkina Faso – West Africa

Burkina Faso Visa for Nigerian who would love to stay as long as they like the country has large abundance of Gold reserves and is also Rich in music and art such as drumming culture.

4) Benin Republic – West Africa

You can visit Benin Republic as a Nigerian Passport Holder and stay there for 3 months without the need of Visa.

The country which is located not far from Nigeria has massive number of tourism attractions and relaxation center that may excite you.

5) Burundi – East Africa

A Nigerian is permitted to visit Burundi for 30 days without obtaining Visa.

Burundi is popular for its amazing craftworks which serve as one of the great places for Tourists to experience.

The Tradition of the country via the poetry, storytelling and musical activities is one of the great interest that you will find amazing.

So tell us in the comment section the country you will like to visit as soon as possible.


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