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See Full List of Rich Sports Stars Who Drive Cheap Cars (Photos)

The Full list and Photos of rich Sports Stars who drive cheap cars have been revealed.


Pep Guardiola


According to SunSports, Pep Guardiola who is the Manchester City boss usually prefer to drive cheap £28,000 electric Nissan Leaf despite being one of the highest-paid managers in the world.

Source has confirmed that the Manchester City manager has a very expensive Bentley which cost a whopping amount but prefers to live low life.

He has been seen severally driving Nissan leaf into the training ground.

Check out other sports stars who also drive cheap cars


Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One driver who uses a cheap and smart car even though his net worth has skyrocketed into an estimation of $489 million as reported by Forbes.

Sources have confirmed that the man has many expensive cars in his garage but most time he just prefers driving that cheap car around in Monaco, France.

Lebron James


No doubt this man is among the famous stars in the world.

It was gathered that he does not like fancy. Despite having a reported £300million in the banks, the LA Lakers star in 2014 had an agreement with car manufacturer Kia to be their official spokesperson.

Naturally, Lebron James doesn’t like fancy or show off despite having an estimated amount of £300million in the banks. In 2014, He had an agreement with popular car producer, Kia

He drives a cheap car which worth about £32,000.

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N’Golo Kante

The Chelsea Midfielder and 2018 FIFA World Cup winner earns not less than £290,000-per-week at his club after he extended his deal with the club until 2023.

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He among the players who have won the Premier League trophy with two different clubs.

For him to have acquired such amount as his earning in the club, he can afford an expensive car.

But it seems the Midfielder just prefer living a low key life.

The France man drives the white mini cooper car he acquired a few years back which worth an estimated amount of £20,000.

Ricky Hatton


This British former professional boxer has a Robin Reliant, a small three-wheeled car manufactured by the Reliant Motor Company in England. this vehicle is a lookalike of Del Boy’s popular three-wheeler.

Sources revealed that he bought it for £4,000 and includes the famous Trotters Independent Trading logo on the side.

Thomas Vermaelen

The former Arsenal footballer has a Nissan Figaro which is up to £5000.

The Belgium international, currently plying his trade for Japanese side Vissel Kobe, was often seen driving around North London in his sky blue number.

Raheem Sterling

The Popular Manchester City forward has many fleets of exotic cars such as Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Continental GT just to mention a few.

But the England star prefers a portable and smart car that can take care of quick errands.

Bernardo Silva

The Manchester man has an affinity for smart cars too. He prefers to drive a Fortwo model that was acquired for an estimated amount of £11k. this smart car can get you from Point A to B without wasting time.

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He also has many exotic cars in his garage.

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