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See Real life Vampire Who Drinks blood And Says She’s 600-years-old (Photos)

Lilith Vampyre accepts that she is 600 years old in the “vampire years”. She invests energy by maintaining a strategic distance from daylight and has already broken human blood.

A real life vampire keeps his skin as porcelain as possible while maintaining a strategic distance from daylight.

Lilith Vampyre, aka the “ Lady of Darkness ”, also claims that she has been alive for 600 years.

While working in a typical 9-5 year job in London, she studies leisure activities during her spare time.

She said: “I can go outside and work during the day, but I like to maintain a strategic distance from direct daylight because I consider it exhausting. I feel better after dark . ”

Lilith has already devoured human blood and enjoys taking on the appearance of the characters you find in scary and scary movies.

She has been doing this since she was 18, when she previously watched Dracula.

Lilith, who says she is 27 in “human years”, said: “I was first introduced to the lifestyle after watching Dracula when I was a child and I was fascinated by these confusing animals.

“I cherished everything about vampires, and this intrigue led me to find other people like me, on the web and, all things considered, gatherings.

Lilith clarified: “I drank human blood from the start to straighten something and it has a metallic, almost coppery taste. Despite the fact that the taste may differ.

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“We make a small cut on the skin in a careful place, and we drink it from this point.

“They are dear companions or individuals I meet who love the lifestyle.

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“It doesn’t have to be a huge sum, I think it’s more and more about the general event. It’s exceptionally comfortable.”

She said: “I find being a vampire to be liberating and engaging, and I love the quality of the puzzle that comes with it …

“The lifestyle includes to a large extent an association with different vampires and occasions and clubs together. I also enjoy reading books on it, watching movies and cooling off.”

Lilith’s vampire looks also had a positive impact on her vocation.

She welcomes around 150,000 followers on Instagram and is regularly contacted by organizations that need to work with her.

The influencer discovered: “However, it is not only for reasons of exposure, but the image of the vampire also stands out, whether it be photographers, brands or individuals via networking media. web-based. ”

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