Nigeria and Ghana are known to be like Brother and Sister, this is because they have things in common like dishes, cultural heritage, fashion sense and other things.



Apart from Ghana, it’s also good to travel to other countries because you learn a different way of doing things such as their languages, food type, cultural activities.

As you might have probably known that both Nigeria and Ghana are anglophone countries, that is English speaking countries.

In this article, we will be taking you through the things you should know before travelling from Nigeria to Ghana.

When you want to travel to Ghana through the means of air or road transport, you will need:

International Passport used to travel from Nigeria to other countries1) Documents:

Travelling to Ghana from Nigeria by any means requires a valid international passport and a yellow card.

The yellow card can be purchased for as low as N1000 at the Port health office not far to the main international airport.

Travelling to Ghana with Passport and Yellow card
Apart from those documents mentioned above, it is highly recommended to have other proof of identification such as driver licence and your house address information in order to avoid touching story.

Just make sure you get those documents ready to avoid unnecessary stress.

2) Picking your means of Transport

On the norm, Flights from Nigeria (Lagos) to Ghana will get you to the Ghanaian capital, Accra, within 1hour 10 minutes.

But if you are taking the road as your means of transport, that will be like 9 – 12 hours journey.

Even though the journey from Lagos to Accra is somehow far, the road network leading to the country is quite okay as one won’t experience much gridlock on the way.

You are sure to enjoy the journey provided you take a good transport bus.

3) Money

Money is the more important than anything when travelling to any country of your choice so before embarking on that trip to Ghana, you need to have cash at hand preferably the raw cash in Naira currency so that you can be ready to convert to Ghana currency at the Aflao border.

Aflao border
Aflao border is a coastal town in Ghana bordering Togo. In a layman, we can say it’s a border between two countries (Ghana and Togo).

Ghana currency and US Dollar
Having other currency like the US Dollar is also a great idea because you can still find good bureau de change in a town that will still help you convert your raw money to the Ghana currency which is Cedis.

This is because Dollars are generally accepted too.

4) Crossing Border

If your means of transport is by road, you will have three borders to cross before reaching Ghana as your final destination.

We have the Lagos-Cotonou border,  the Cotonou-Togo border and the Togo-Ghana border.

Welcome to Ghana

According to Travellers, Crossing these borders generate a lot of stress, negotiation and settlement and most especially if it’s your first time of visiting the country, it’s normal to experience that.

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Travelling to Ghanaian country from Nigeria
When next you are coming back to the country, you won’t go through the hurdles.

I believe you get one or two things here that will prepare you ahead of your next trip to Ghana.


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