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7 Interesting New Year’s Goodluck Traditions From Around The World

You will agree with me that 2020 was a hard year for many of us most especially with the Coronavirus outbreak that affected many things in the world.

Good Luck Traditions

We believe 2021 will be a better year for us and without wasting much time, I present to you the seven new year’s Goodluck traditions from around the world.

Good Luck Traditions
1. Wear White

Several people in Brazil usually like to wear white on New year’s eve.

The White signify good luck and peace and also families even love to wear matching outfits on the day.

Goodluck Traditions

2.   Smash A Plate

In Country like Denmark, Broken plates are good luck to them so they tend to go around to smash dishware on the floor of their friends and family on New Year’s eve.

The more broken plates seen on the floor, the more good luck they see in their various homes on January 1.


Goodluck Traditions

3.    Eat 12 Grapes

At the stroke of midnight on New year’s day

In Spain, people usually eat 12 grape for 12 months of the new year.

This happened during the midnight and as a tradition in the country, it must be repeated every month.

When these Goodluck traditions are usually practised every month, they usually have the belief that the year would favour them.


Goodluck Traditions

4. Kiss A Loved One

When the clock clocks midnight, people from all over the world kiss someone they love and cherish.

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English and German researchers have even stated that first person you came in contact with will determine the year’s destiny so pick your partner wisely.

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Jump into 2021
5. Jump into 2021

In Denmark, people like to stand on their chairs to jump into January 1 at midnight because they believe that Good Luck sends away bad spirits.

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Keep The Windows and Doors Open
6. Keep The Windows and Doors Open

Keep The Windows and Doors Open - goodluck traditions
It is a common superstition that opening the doors and windows will make the old year to move out and the new year comes in.


Goodluck Traditions

7. Throw Water Out The Window

In Puerto Rico, many usually dump a bucket of water out of the window as a symbol of chasing away the evil spirits which usually occurred on the stroke of midnight on January 1.

Tell us which one you have practised before?






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