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See The Fast Rising Nollywood Actress Who Said Money Turns Her On

One of the fast-rising Nollywood actresses, Princess Chidimma Agunobi who is better known as Princess Salt has amazed fans by revealing that Money is what turns her on.

Princess Chidimma - Nollywood Actress

The beautiful Nollywood actress said Netness, Honesty and Intelligence turns her on in a relationship. Smart things also turn her on but not as the former.

Princess Chidimma also listed Money, bank alerts, handsome dude are what turns her on in a relationship.

When asked what are the challenges she had faced in the Nollywood industry, the actress said during her early days, it was a tough situation for her to remember the lines which made her director disgrace her and she started crying profusely though her director later talked her out of it.

When Princess Chidimma was on the set of the Hustlers, actress Mercy Johnson also made her believe that she can do better than this.

The fast-rising actress further said she has not encountered any form of sexual harassment within and outside the industry and that she doesn’t pray to fall into the hands of miscreants.

See some of her photos below:

Nollywood actress - Princess Chidimma Princess Chidimma Agunobi Princess Chidimma Agunobi




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