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See What Boko Haram Said After They Claim Responsibility of Abduction of Katsina School Boys

Boko Haram has released a new audio clip inform of a video, claiming responsibility for the abduction of over 500 students from the Government Science Secondary School In Kankara, Katsina State which happened on December 11.

Boko Haram Abduct Students in Katsina

In about 5 Minutes clip released on Monday Night, December 14, the leader of the deadly terrorists, Abubakar Shekau said they are the one responsible for the missing of the Kankara Students.

Kankara Students kidnapped in Katsina

The leader also stated that the main reason why they abducted the Kankara Students in Katsina State was to promote the Islam culture and also say to no to un-islamic culture as Western Education is not the kind of education approved by Allah and his Holy prophet.

Western Education is destroying Islam because the teachings are not what Allah and his Holy Prophet commanded.

Kankara Students kidnapped

So for this reason, they were abducted.

Despite claiming the responsibility of the abduction of the students, the leader didn’t say anything about when they will be released or freed.

Boko Haram Abduct Students in Katsina
This comes barely 12 hours after a report confirmed that 2 out of the over 500 students abducted from the government school has died.

A survivor who breaks silence about the death of his fellow colleagues said that the terrorists served leaves as foods and were beaten like cattle.

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He also said that they were 520 in total and 2 has died.

Meanwhile, the parents of the abducted Students have begged President Buhari and Governor of the state to help them to bring back their boys.

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Watch The Video below

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