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Senate Urge President Buhari To Address Nigerians Over Coronavirus

As Nigeria now has a total of 8 confirmed cases of coronavirus, the senate on Wednesday has now urged President Buhari to address the nation over the outbreak of Coronavirus.


Former Governor of Gombe State, Senator Goje disclosed that preventable measures need to be taken as quickly as possible rather than looking for a way to cure the virus disease when it becomes endemic in the nation.

The Senator further said:

“This is a problem now worldwide even though the Federal government has been doing its own part, because the Minister of Health has been issuing statements to the effect that we should do this, we should not do that and those who have been infected.

“I believe also that the Lagos State government and the Federal government have been able to curtail this pandemic to a large extent.

“Countries worldwide and big country like the United States of America is taking drastic measures to either contain or prevent coronavirus from entering their country.

“Even countries without the incident are taking measures. Even Africa countries, like Senegal, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya are taking serious measures to protect their countries.

“Even religious bodies are also taking steps. Countries like Saudi Arabia that has no single case of infection and even Kaaba which we all know as Muslims.

“Vatican has announced that we would celebrate Easter without a full congregation and I believe as a country, we should do something very drastic.

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“This thing starts gradually. like in the United States, it starts from one to two and as at this morning, it has extended to fifty states.

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“Even though we think we don’t have the problem here, we have contacts in Lagos, it will not end there, it will go to Oyo, Sokoto, Borno, and other places.

“In view of this, Mr. President, I want this Chamber to urge President Muhammadu Buhari to address the nation on CoronaVirus.

“Other President have been doing that even bigger countries like the United States of America.

Senate after the debate resolved that Nigeria citizens should stop travelling to highly infected countries, as well as restrictions of international airlines to Lagos and Abuja international airports.

After the above debate released by the Senate, He implored every Nigeria should desist from travelling out to those high-risk countries affected by Coronavirus as well put a ban on international airlines to Lagos and Abuja international airports.

Recall that the Federal Government had restricted travellers from high-risk countries ( 13 in number) from coming to the country due to the spread of Coronavirus.

The 13 countries are China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, Norway, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Switzerland.

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