How To Earn Real Income For Starting A XeraHub Center

 How To Earn Real Income For Starting A XeraHub Center
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You can now earn real income starting a XeraHub center in your local government and distribute goods and services to shoppers, corner shops and grocery shops in your LGA through our world-class fulfilment service.

Xerahub Network
Your Xera hub will not only create wealth for you and your family, but it will also create jobs for people around your LGA. If you are passionate about starting a sustainable business that reaches out to thousands of people, Xera is the company to partner!

How Does Xerahub Center work 

The XeraHub is a fulfillment center or distribution center for products distributed by the Xera Marketplace. Xera thrives to create one distribution center for each local government area in Nigeria through a partnership with Nigerians.

The task of the XeraHub is to fulfil orders and distribute same to shoppers or businesses in their local government.

To start a XeraHub in your LGA, you are required to have an office or shop space where Xera shoppers/customers who place orders online can come to pick up their items. You are also required to distribute these items to the shopper’s home or business place if the need arises.

It also distributes products to retail shops in all LGA in Nigeria through the Xera Goto-Market Initiative for retailers and corner shops.

Requirement To Join The Xera Hub Network

  • Office or shop space
  • A computer with an internet connection to track orders and items coming to your Hub
  • A refundable deposit of N50,000 paid to Xera.NG as a guarantee.
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Benefits Of Joining The Xera Hub Network

  • You are paid per order fulfilled and it can go as high as N1,000 per order. A regular XeraHub is projected to fulfil over 100 orders weekly depending on the area of coverage or local government area.


  • XeraHub is the major contact centers for the Xera Marketplace and it is responsible for coordinating the Xera Goto-Market Initiative for retail shops in every LGA in Nigeria. We distribute grocery and other major products retail or corner shop sells, we also offer credit to approved retailers which are monitored by the XeraHub. The XeraHubs takes 20% of the net income from the XeraHub Goto Market Initiative.



Your XeraHub Center branding will be done by Xera and is branded by Xera for easy recognition and brand identity.


Apply For A New XeraHub

To apply, Kindly click the link

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