Have you ever been in a situation whereby you keep scrolling through streaming services, overwhelmed by the thousands of options, so you continue scrolling for what seems like forever?

Struggling With Daily Decisions ? Here's How To Be More Decisive As Revealed By Experts

NPR reports that indecisiveness is a trait that has gained momentum among citizens of the United States since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here’s how to be less indecisive:

1. Nothing is perfect

Have you been frozen by the sheer amount of options on a restaurant menu? Are you afraid of making the “wrong” choice?

Experts say there is often no perfect choice, and the idea that one may exist could prevent you from choosing at all. Trust yourself.

2. Limit your options

Experts say, if possible, give yourself less room to choose.

For instance, while at the grocery store, avoid “analysis paralysis” by preparing a list and sticking to it.

3. Self-Trust

Second opinions can be invaluable, though experts say you must learn to trust yourself before trusting others.

According to Licensed psychologist, Monica Johnson “there are situations where I want to sit with the discomfort of making the decision myself and then I kind of look at what is the outcome of the decision, so that I can build up trust in my ability to know what’s right for me..”


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