Superstar Simi: 5 Things She Has To Say About Motherhood

In a recent interview with Susan Younis, Superstar Simi had a very honest conversation about motherhood.

The very talented Singer is quite known for her brutal honesty and this interview was no different.

Here are five things the beautiful mother mentioned during the interview.

1.   Motherhood completely transformed my career

The mother of one admits motherhood has definitely changed who she is as a person and her career too.

She says motherhood is beautiful but terrifying especially the first time.

According to Simi, her life completely transformed after giving birth to Deja.

The person she is now and who she was before giving birth are two very different people.

She’s had to make a lot of important compromises, learn to prioritize and say no to certain things.

Superstar Simi: 5 Things She Has To Say About Motherhood
2.     Mothers Need to learn to take it one day at a time

About some months ago, the Duduke crooner has had to learn a lot about juggling motherhood and an impressive career.

She has never had a nanny and would usually take Deja to work with her while nursing.

She’s also grateful for her mother’s help and support.

She encourages mothers to share their struggles and seek emotional support if they need it.

Superstar Simi believes a lot of mothers are going through the same struggles and the doesn’t make them weak.

Superstar Simi: 5 Things She Has To Say About Motherhood

3.    I don’t want Deja to face any pressure

When asked if she would support Deja in a musical career, Simi didn’t hesitate before saying “150%”.

According to Simi, Deja has been exposed to a lot of music and she really likes it.

However, she doesn’t want her daughter to be pressured to do music, because her parents do.

Whatever Deja decides to do should be original.

Also, Deja loves listening to Duduke!


4.    I was initially sad at the first stretch mark

On the issues of her body changing due to pregnancy, Simi admits that despite doing her best to avoid stretch marks, they came anyway.

And Initially, she was sad over it but she quickly made her peace with her changing body.

Stretch marks or not, the change is natural and she doesn’t care one bit.

5.    I had a bit of baby blues, OCD, and anxiety after childbirth.

On the issue of mental struggles that mothers go through, Simi opens up on her experience with Anxiety, Baby blues, and Postpartum OCD.

The singer attests to being sad, anxious, and crying a lot after the birth of Deja.

However, with the right support and time, she started to get past it.

What do you think about this super mother?


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