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Suspected ritualists nabbed with corpses of two girls in a coffin in Ogwashi-Uku community of Delta state.

A viral video that is currently making rounds on social media has captured the moment suspected ritualists were caught with corpses of two girls in a coffin.

According to what we gathered, the suspected ritualists have been tormenting the Ogulwashi-Uku community of Delta State and thank God they were nabbed.

Watch the video below:

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Just like the saying goes that everyday is for the thief to rob but one-day is for the owner or people to expose the miscreants.

Who knows how many girls they would have slaughtered just for a quest for money.

I don’t know why some people are so wicked and heartless.

Why will you kill your fellow human?

If you are doing good, continue doing good and if you are doing bad, continue doing bad because there is always a reward for everything you do.

Ladies, you should be careful with the person you make as friend because you don’t know who is who.

May God protect us so that we don’t fall into the hands of culprits or miscreants.

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