Science has analyzed the 10  popular plagues of Moses in the bible and they are:

1.   The water turned into blood

It could be due to a plague of red algae that stained the river and that makes the consumption of its waters harmful to health.

2. The frogs

Something similar happened in 1873 in Michigan, where a plague of frogs came out of the lake and invaded nearby towns.

3. Lice and Fleas

It could have been caused by the red algae, which leads to the concentration of insects.

4. The blowflies

It could be a type of fly called a “stable fly”, whose bite can lead to tumors.

5. Sick cattle

It is believed that there was rinderpest that occurred in Asia and travelled to Egypt.

6.  Rash

Scientists believe it could have been what we know today as smallpox.

7.  Rain of Fire and Hail

3500 years ago, there was an eruption of the Santorini volcano, which could be the explanation of this plague.

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8.  Lobsters

Due to the volcanic eruption, the locusts were able to migrate due to the climate conditions that occurred.

9.  Darkness

The theories behind this plague maintain that it could be either due to the ash from the eruption, or a solar eclipse.

10. Death of the firstborn

It is believed that the same red algae released deadly toxins that contaminated wheat.

The firstborn was the first to gather the grain.


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