The Epic Journey of Professor Aminu Mohammed Dorayi, The Adventurous Chemist

Professor Aminu Mohammed Dorayi, a celebrated educator and intrepid adventurer, embarked on a remarkable journey from London to Kano in his car. This distinguished figure, also known as a Record-breaker, achieved global recognition by driving his Peugeot 504 over a distance of approximately 4,000 miles in just 24 days.

A distinguished alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) and a revered professor of Chemistry, Prof Dorayi also served as the former president of the ABU Students Union Government (SUG) for the academic year 1966/1967. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in establishing the Sharada Industrial Estate in Kano and spearheaded Nigeria’s inaugural trade fair.

Nicknamed “The Adventurous Chemist” due to his insatiable thirst for exploration, Prof Dorayi’s journey was inspired by the captivating tales of adventurers like the Marcopolos and the Mungo Parks. His epic voyage, meticulously planned and executed, took him through various terrains, from the bustling streets of Paris to the vast deserts of Algeria, guided only by his compass and map.

Reflecting on his journey, Prof Dorayi reminisced about his days as a PhD student in the United States, where he traversed desert landscapes in his humble Volkswagen. His passion for adventure is deeply ingrained, evident even in the title of his autobiography, “The Adventurous Chemist.”

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With his trusty Peugeot 504 purchased for 1000 pounds, Prof Dorayi embarked on his daring expedition, supported by the guidance of the British Automobile Association (AA). Equipped with essential knowledge and technical skills acquired since his days in secondary technical school, he navigated challenges with confidence, drawing inspiration from his upbringing in Kano.

During his travels, Prof Dorayi encountered remarkable sights, such as the awe-inspiring rainfall in Algeria that brought joy and bewilderment to local children who had never witnessed such a phenomenon before. His encounters along the way provided profound insights into diverse cultures and landscapes, reaffirming his belief in the transformative power of exploration and human resilience.

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