Nigeria is a West African country located on the Gulf of Guinea and as a matter of fact, it has numerous natural landmark and wildlife reserves.


The country has more than 500 miles of brilliant sand beaches with an unmistakably more tropical environment than the majority of Africa’s Atlantic coastline.

Without missing words, you will agree with me that the Beaches in Nigeria are one of the major tourists’ attraction you will dare love to experience.

Below are the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria

Calabar Beach, Calabar, Cross-Rivers

Calabar Beach is very famous for its blend of adventure, relaxation, sweet isolation and amazing perspectives. To pick the most extreme satisfaction, guests are urged to limit most of their exercises to the beach.

A perspective on the landmark set up at Calabar Beach in memory of the casualties of the slave exchange additionally gives guests a sample of the nation’s history.

The Calabar beach is a cool environment for the family and also for children. There are plenty of foods on sale and one can move around the bank of the beach and still enjoy the serenity. the beach has a large parking space and you can decide to swim, cruise or take part in other fun activities.

Kamp - Beaches In Nigeria

Kamp Ikare, Ikare, Lagos

KAMP Ikaare is a marvellous beach resort centre giving the best that Lagos beach life can offer.

The beach resort is located in a beachfront town called Ikare, around 45 minutes by speed vessel or boat from Lagos mainland. A definitive seashore experience! This spot is an ideal resort place for couples, companions and even corporate officials.

The Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is definitely a comfort and relaxation place for Holiday. With its modern touches, this looks perfect for anyone who loves fun and enjoyment.

The beach resort is privately owned by Anuradha Mahbubani and it’s very a pleasant spot to loosen up away from the hurrying around of city life. The resort has a hotel that is coupled with 6 duplex cabins situated around a pool and just meters from the ocean.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach, Lekki Lagos

Are you searching for a beach resort in Nigeria that gives you a stunning perspective, tropical environmental factors, harmony and calm, and a healthy social encounter, then La Campagne Tropicana is the beach resort you need to visit.

Indeed, the experience starts when you set out and make the drive down to the delicate, brilliant sands of the seashore.

If you love peace and quiet place then The La Campagne Tropicana might be a perfect place for you because of its lovely accommodation, courteous staff, great foods.

The La Campagne Tropicana beach is located in Ibeju Lekki which is a local area in Lekki, Lagos.

Apart from that, This beach resort is actually beautiful. There are a lot of beach activities from kayaking to swimming to horse riding. However, it’s not budget-friendly as the entry fee is #5000 and you have to pay for the water activities except swimming.

You just need to be here to have fun and enjoy the cool breeze with a High level of the Yoruba culture and tradition which also added to the tourist attractions.

Their rooms are built in a way that you just feel in a very awesome village. Their doorbell is a talking drum and their ceiling is designed with mats. It’s so beautiful

It’s great for family or friends who seek relaxation as it has a wonderful beach with tree houses, beautiful trees, nice view, good vibes.

Ifoko - Beaches in Nigeria

Ifoko Beach, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Ifoko Beach is famous for its total characteristic qualities. It becomes one of the main beaches in the nation that isn’t man-made, and it is genuinely regular to sight brilliant ocean creatures in its waters.

Ifoko Beach is another well-known spot in Port Harcourt. It gives ideal excursions from the day by day clamours of life. The consistent support by nearby inhabitants makes it truly outstanding and most lovely beaches in Port Harcourt.

Whenever fun-seekers pay a visit to the beach, they are served with seafood at local restaurants close to the beach.

The beach is one of the main sources of livelihood to local fishermen in the area.

Patigi Beach

Patigi Beach, Niger River Area

Patigi Beach is located in Patigi local government of Kwara State in north-central Nigeria. It is located along the Niger River. The beach spot is a perfect place for discovering nature, especially fishing activities.

According to the history, The settlement of Pategi had existed before the discovery of the Pategi beach and have reportedly grown as a result of the movement of Patigi forming a new emirate.

Patigi is not your usual “beach by the Atlantic”, because it offers you a strange beach – that of the Niger River. This beach is surrounded by flowing streams and green vegetation and is celebrated as one of the most sentimental beaches in Nigeria.

Patigi Beach has silky soft sand and a palm-fringed backdrop, its appeal lies in its landscape and activities that you can partake in while on the beach.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort

Eko Tourist Beach Resort, Akodo, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

If you are a Lagosian, you will agree with me that you would have heard of the Eko Tourist Beach resort and It’s also possible that you might not have visited the place before but in this post, you will know more about the serene place.

Eko Tourist Beach resort is one of the best beaches in Nigeria that can entertain any fun seeker who needs a relaxation place to enjoy with his or her loved ones or just alone.

The Eko Tourist beach resort which is otherwise called the Akoko Beach is a privately owned beach and as a matter of fact, it is located along the Lagos-Epe Expressway.

The Beach is built on a large expanse of land and from the look, it has a view of the Atlantic oceans and therefore gives rise to a calm environment.

The beach resort is beautified with coconut grooves and also has affordable relaxation places where fun-seekers can sit, drink and still enjoy the quiet place.

Ibeno Beach

The Ibeno Beach, Eket Akwa Ibom

The Ibeno Beach is one of the Nigeria beaches located in Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

The beach has its name from the Ibeno, one of the local governments area of Akwa Ibom State.

Many people usually believe that the Ibeno beach is located in Calabar but unknown to them that the beautiful beach is located in Eket.

Eket remains as the second-largest city in Akwa Ibom State because of its industrial nature.

Just before you get to the Ibeno beach, you will see attractive hotels, housing estates and oil refineries (Shell and Mobil).

The Ibeno beach which is one of the major Tourist attraction in the coastal southern part of the country is on the Atlantic Ocean along the shorelines of Ibeno.

According to Folio Nigeria, The Ibeno beach is the longest sand beach in West Africa.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit in Akwa Ibom then the Ibeno beach is one of them.

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