Life was as simple and as harmless as possible until humans came into being. I’m sure God will agree with me.

Out of curiosity, anxiety and fear we crumbled the good world and made a mess of existence.

I know this might sound weird. Be patient with me; I intend to drive you to a place of purpose.

Imagine how your life would be if there were no curiosity, anxiety, and fear in it. Now, take a look at your life right now.

Fear makes us want to feel secure. Out of curiosity, we try things we have no idea or knowledge of which often gets us into trouble. Just like the first man and woman in the garden of Eden. Anxiety pushes us to accept the things we are not comfortable with; to live a life full of uncertainty and end up with lots of mistakes.

Is it possible to live a life void of these three parasites? My honest answer is NO!

But, you can always subside their effects in your life. You can control your anxiety, your curiosity, your fear.

First, you must understand that with or without fear, no one is sure of safety. Fear doesn’t prepare you for victory. It doesn’t help you attain success. It will never make you wiser. The lesser your fears the longer your life. Ask yourself ‘Why do the rich take risk always?’

Second, anxiety is not fear. It is a state of restlessness and distressing desire. Medically it has been identified as a disorder. Anxiety pushes you away from reality. It pressures you to go beyond the drills without a second thought. Often it destroys everything you have and leaves you lonely.

Third, curiosity killed the cat. I heard that cats have nine lives but curiosity kills a cat once. Curiosity, not controlled, leads to destruction. It is safer if your curiosity is shared with people who understand your area of curiosity before embarking on such a curious journey.

NB: Curiosity should push you to learn what you don’t know from who does. But if curiosity pushes you to do things you don’t have fond knowledge of, that’s dangerous.

Don’t allow fear limit your potential. Don’t allow anxiety destroy your person. Don’t allow curiosity drain your energy.

This is not a motivational speech. It is simply thinking out of the box.

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