The Story of The Prophet Who Was Eaten By Lions At Ibadan Zoo

If you have heard of the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den, perhaps you would be interested in the story of Prophet Abodunrin who attempted to replicate what was written in the Holy Bible thousands of years ago.

The incident happened in 1991 at the University of Ibadan zoo.

As Prophet Abodunrin made his way for the lion’s cage, alarmed zoo keepers shouted and warned him but he did not listen.

Abodunrin was reciting Bible verses at the top of his voice and speaking in tongues.

He then made it into the lions’ den and stared at the lions.

The lions also stared back at the prophet.

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Abodunrin did not stop reciting Bible verses and speaking in tongues, wriggling his body under his bright red robes.

As Abodunrin approached them, the big cats retreated and moved towards a corner of their cage, that was their instinct.

They withdrew from him as he stepped closer.

He might have mistaken the retreat of the lions for a sign of weakness or that the angels were actually working their wonders already.

Abodunrin kept on reciting Bible verses, making gestures at the lions and commanding them to be stagnant.

In a flash, the lions lifted their massive bodies and charged at prophet Abodunrin.

His Bible flew away and he landed with a thud.

Pastor Abodunrin could not believe his eyes and as the lions landed on him, the look of terror in his eyes could only be better imagined.

In just a matter of some minutes, he was torn to shreds.

He died on the spot and the lions fed on his remains.

What remained of the audacious prophet was later found.

Do you think Prophet Abodunrin was right to enter the Lions’ den?

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