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These Nigerian Foods Are Not Meant For Dinner

Eating late at night is not as terrible as it’s been made out to be.

However, if you do decide to have a late-night meal, these Nigerian foods shouldn’t make it to your stomach.

These Nigerian Foods Are Not Meant For Dinner
1.    Bread

Although bread is easily one of the most Nigerian foods, it is not always the best food choice.

It contains enough carbohydrate and sugar to up your blood sugar levels, which might mess with your energy levels and upset your sleep in the process.


These Nigerian Foods Are Not Meant For Dinner

2.   Fried Food

Popular Nigerian fries are yam, plantain and potatoes.

However, the fact that they are oily foods makes them a bit hard for the stomach to quickly digest and indigestion leads to cramps, bloating and heartburn affecting your sleep.


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3.    Pepper Soup

A popular Nigerian dish, mostly meat or fish steeped in a very spicy broth, is served after a meal.

Therefore, it is perceived by many to be a light meal.

But pepper soup is prepared with a lot of pepper and spices, which contain chemicals that can stop your stomach metabolism.


Ewa Agoyin

4.     Ewa Agoyin

A favourite for many, it is simply beans cooked together in palm oil sauce.

Other condiments are added to achieve a spicy flavour and taste.

But the fact that you have a leftover of it somewhere in the fridge doesn’t mean it is made for a good late-night meal.

Ewa Agoyin can easily give you heartburn or an upset stomach that may leave you unable to sleep.


These Nigerian Foods Are Not Meant For Dinner

5.    Amala And Ewedu

A dish associated with the Yoruba people is mostly found in eateries.

Amala is made of yam powder which goes with an exquisite soup that is irresistible.

However, having it as a late-night meal can truncate your sleep by making you urinate a lot.

Which of these Nigerian foods is your favourite?

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