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Things To Consider Doing After Your NYSC Service Year

Let me first start by congratulating all the Batch A Corpers who just completed their NYSC service year. Favour market awaits you in Jesus name.


I understand that what comes to your mind after your NYSC completion is what can I consider doing since I have served my fatherland.

What are the things I can consider doing after my NYSC Service year?

Well, Now that you have served Nigeria, Here are things you can consider doing after your NYSC Service year.

1. Learn New Skill for self-development

Learning a skill should be one of the things you shouldn’t avoid because getting a dream job requires that. this is what is otherwise called Self or Personal Development.

Depending on your interest, you can learn a marketing skill, project management skill, digital skill and many others.

2. Prepare your Curriculum vitae or Resume (CV )

Even before completing your NYSC service year, it is advisable you prepare your Curriculum vitae because of Job opportunities that could show up anytime.

I remember one of my friends who served last year, He got job offer even before finishing his service year.

The point is any opportunity could land you a job so don’t joke with your time.

To prepare your CV, you can search for CV format on google.

Basic things that need to be on your CV includes, Contact details, address detail, education background and qualifications, references, Job experience, technical skills

3. Build a good business plan and execute

Another thing you can consider doing is by building a good business plan because it will help you achieve your goal.

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listing your business plan before executing can also help you achieve your entrepreneurial goal.

If you are a novice in writing that, kindly visit Google to search for how to write a good business plan. you will see many formats you can use in building your business plan.

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4. Further Education

Like I said at the beginning of this post that depending on what your interest or discipline, Furthering your education might just be the best option for you. People usually believe that doing a Master degree will make you get a dream job.

My brothers and sisters, we have seen cases of graduates who did Master degree and still ended up as an unemployed fellow and on the other hand, we have seen graduates who after doing Master degree got a dream job.

The bottom line is Furthering your education should not be a compulsory thing that you must do before getting that dream job but it could be necessary at times depending on the field you fall into.

5. Get married

The last on my list is having to do with marriage. Most people believe that once a female corps member finishes serving, the number one thing she must consider doing is getting married. Well, the belief is right because of the pressure from parents however it is also wrong to get married immediately after your service year.

If you are a female corps member who just completed NYSC service, getting married should not be the first thing that comes to your mind. you can consider developing yourself first so that you won’t look like a liability to your promising husband.

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As we all know that Nigeria economy has changed the situation of things so getting something handy and productive for yourself should be the first.

Marriage should only come when you know fully well

that you already have something in mind to do in terms of work or business.

Men like seeing their women with business ideas or women who are goal getters. It makes men build confidence in you and also respect you.

90% of men do not think about marriage after their service year because they need to hustle first before saying YES to marriage.

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Marriage is not something that needs to be rushed because If you rush in, there is a possibility of rushing out too.

Marriage is a lifetime career so take your time before considering getting married.

I think that’s all I have to say about the Things to consider Doing After your NYSC Service year.

If you think this article worth it, kindly comment and share to your friends. who knows this might just help a fellow friend.


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