Nigerian University

If you have attended a Nigerian University, you will realize that most Universities in Nigeria are fun and at the same boring at some points.

Nigerian University

But generally, Nigerian Universities have some things we both love and hate.

I remember when I was still an Undergraduate in a Nigerian University, there are some certain things I love and hate.

Like the way we queue for lectures, every morning is demanding because one needs to come to the lecture hall as early as possible.

In a situation whereby you rushed for lectures by skipping your breakfast food makes you feel bad about the whole thing for that day.

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Despite that, there are still some fun moments like the way you interact with your colleagues in the lecture hall before the arrival of a lecturer makes you feel lively and engaged.

However, below contains some things we all hated About Nigerian University.

1. You Will Always Experience Queue

Many of us usually believe that Lagos is the only place where queues are dominated but visit any Nigerian University, you will see that there is another phase of queues most especially when you are doing registration and you know what that means as a student.

This usually gets Undergraduates tired because of the demanding tasks and stress.

So as an undergraduate, you can’t do without facing queues in a Nigerian University.

2. WhatsApp groups were mostly used by Students

In your first year in a Nigerian University, you will be asked to join a different group like faculty group, department group for easy dissemination of information.

Every graduate knows the importance of a Whatsapp group when he or she was still sn undergraduate.

3. Cumbersome Assignments.

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You will think assignments are only meant for primary and secondary school students until you get into admission into any Nigerian University to experience more cumbersome assignments.

4. Power Failure and Scarcity of Water

zikoko- nigerian universities

Imagine you have an urgent assignment to submit the following day only for you to discover that there is now Power failure in your area and when this happens, it gives rise to a scarcity of water.

Every graduate experienced this in their various campuses.

5. Impromptu tests (“Tear out a sheet of paper”)

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One thing you can’t forget in a Nigerian University is Impromptu test which is otherwise known as TEAR OUT A SHEET OF PAPER.

Nigerian Lecturers are known for dishing out surprises to their students maybe because they are regarded as small gods in school.

As a matter of fact, a Nigerian Student must be ready for any surprise at a University.

6. Internal or External Strike Action

Another thing every Nigerian Student hates is Strike action. ASUU, NASU, SSANU and other internal strike action are a must in any Public Nigerian University.

As a recent graduate in Nigerian University, you will agree with me that there is no semester you won’t experience any strike action.

At the same time, some smart Students usually make use of the opportunity to learn new skill or for short time job which generates cool money before the suspension of the strike.

I think that’s all for now… you can add yours below.

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