Many men have been getting it wrong on what women want from them. Everything is not about sex but here are 5 important things women want from their men.


1.   Attention

This is the first thing women want, it is normal for you to spend money on your woman but if you don’t give her the desired attention, she might cheat on you.

women are generally attention seekers so you must be ready to listen to everything she says and does.

2.   Love Being Praised

As simple as it is, there is no woman who doesn’t love to be praised by her man. You can just tell her that she is beautiful, I like your new hairstyle and many others.

These kinds of statements have a long way to go in the heart of a woman.

If you have not been showering praises on her, you better start doing that now.

3.   Be Generous

As a man, you must not be stingy to your woman. If you don’t have much with you, let her know about it.

She won’t kill you for that but at least she might likely understand you provided she loves you.

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If you are not generous to a woman, problems might emanate and when this happens, the relationship might crash quickly.

4.   Neatness

You should have probably known that women value neatness. They just want men who know how to dress neatly. You might not have the best cloth but take good care of the ones you have. Women love to see their men very neat.

5.   Be Social 

Men who are social will continue to be loved by women, the reason being that they love to hang out or have fun.

It is rare to see women who do not like hanging out like going to the beach, watching films in the cinema, and so on.

Be social with your woman is also important and should not be neglected if you want her to keep loving you every time.







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