Top Greek Restaurants In Oregon, USA

Do you know there are top Greek restaurants in Oregon, USA, that you need to familiarize yourself with?

Top Greek Restaurants In Oregon, USA

Without stressing you with too much talk, let’s quickly dive into some of the top restaurants in Oregon that you can consider for your next refreshing spot.

 1.     Holman’s Bar And Grill 

This is a restaurant where good food has been served for more than 80 years.

Holman’s Bar and Grill is a solid neighborhood option for strong drinks and good beer.

Not only that, but you also enjoy the great price on drinks, good food menu and parking is available every time you need it.

Holman’s Bar and Grill is located in Portland, a cool place where you can easily have a great happy hour.


2.    Poppi’s Anatolia

Poppi’s Anatolia has been serving Greek and Indian food in downtown Eugene of Oregon since 1987.

The unique combination of cuisines provides a vast array of tastes, textures, and culinary experiences.

This is a great place to enjoy wonderful fish soup and a delightful greek salad.


3.     Blu Olive Mediterranean Bistro

A unique casual shopping center eatery offering Greek and Arabic dishes with beer, cocktails, and patio seating.

Blu Olive Mediterranean Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Portland, Oregon, to enjoy your lunch and get served with a great middle eastern type of food.

4.      Dame Restaurant

Dame is one of the top choice restaurants in Portland, Oregon, and this is because they have great outdoor cabanas which are super comfortable and warm.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu as the dame restaurant also offer delicious dishes that will keep you coming back.

5.    Les Caves

Les Caves is a wine bar-restaurant that specializes in conversation, real wines, and chill vibes. The ambiance and the music there will always transport you to a whole different dimension.

Les Caves restaurant is also situated in the city of Portland in Oregon, USA.


6.    Mad Greek Deli

Mad Greek Deli is a locally owned Greek restaurant and sports bar in Portland, USA.

The Greek Restaurant has been offering real and sumptuous Greek food for over 30 years.

The mad Greek restaurant also maintains a great family atmosphere where everyone can enjoy their favorite American and Greek food.

7.    Castagna Restaurant

Castagna is a progressive fine-dining restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

Although they are currently closed for dining in but still offer take-home dinners every Friday and Saturday.

Castagna Restaurant is still considered as one of the best dinners ever in the city because their customers usually enjoy a culinary extraordinary experience.


8.     The Greek Gods Gyro

At the Greek Gods Gyro, you get served with one of the best gyros and baklava in the city of Milwaukie in Oregon.

Apart from being served with great dishes for fair pricing, the Greek Gods Gyro also has friendly staff members who are always ready to help their customers.

9.     McMenamins Sunnyside

McMenamins Sunnyside is an excellent and cozy neighborhood favorite with its welcoming interior.

The restaurant proudly provides handcrafted ales, wines, and spirits along with a menu of seasonal salads, burgers.

McMenamins is located in Clackamas, a suburb of Portland in Oregon.


10.    Deno’s Pizzeria

Deno’s Pizzeria has been a fixture in the Lake Grove neighborhood of Lake Oswego in Portland since the early 1980s and has been locally owned and operated by Kathleen Valentine since 1997.

They are highly recognized for their special pizza crust. The food is always fresh with dough and sauce prepared daily from Deno’s own distinctive recipes.




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