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Transformation: Healthy Photo of Little Hungry Boy Who Was Chained By His Father For Stealing

New healthy photo of a little hungry boy who was chained by his father and stepmother for stealing Eba some years back has been spotted.

This is what I called amazing transformation.

Korede Taiwo who is just 9-year-old lost his mother to the cold hands of death and since
then he was chained for a month without eating food by his father and stepmother.

Thank God he was later rescued and adopted by a good Samaritan called Mrs Funsho Amosun, the former First Lady of Ogun State.

The healthy boy has now started going to school back in order to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

According to the Father of Korede who is also a Pastor, my child needed deliverance for stealing Eba and soup after going without food for most afternoons after the demise of his mother.

In 2016, when he was rescued by former First Lady of Ogun State, he was very malnourished and
dejected. He could barely talk due to the serious suffering.

But thank God the little boy is now healthy.

I won’t be surprised when his father later comes back in future to claim his son.

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