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Tribute: Adebola Opaleye, a Journalist and Carer making Impact on various Human Development

Opaleye is a workaholic, one of the few talents making an Impact in various human development, and he refused to let fame or money come between his passion for helping and has refused to break, even in times when there seems to be no hope.

When he senses human rights abuses, he doesn’t hesitate to voice his opinions, and in times, he would challenge the perpetrators.

He is known as a journalist, breaking news and silently reporting when there’s a piece of information to break.

Like any other journalists, Adebola has had his fair share of being attacked, and in times, people have tried to silence him, which would have been seen as an everyday occurrence in his birth country, Nigeria.

He had paid his dues in journalism, starting from when he was a teenager as a law student at the lead city University, Ibadan, Nigeria.

A journalist for over 15 years, standing out from the beginning when he couldn’t wait to fit in.

Adebola Opaleye is a Nigerian journalist, Carer, Silent human rights activist, writer, blogger, and businessman.

He lives in Dundee, Scotland, with his partner and two children.

Opaleye is the founder of Dakingsman.com, an online news agency that educates people on various human development.

Opaleye, 32, was born in Ogun State, Nigeria, to a family of Educationalist.

After studying at various institutions in Nigeria, Opaleye moved to the United Kingdom over a decade ago

In 2018, Opaleye was a victim of racial discrimination, which he fought at the highest level.

He eventually settled the case out of court based on the organization’s reputation that committed the atrocity.

Since then, Opaleye has fought so many challenges, one of which was the attempt to harm him and render him incapacitated in April 2021, where he was suspected of having been poisoned.

Dakingsman, as he is popularly known to the media, became a source of independent investigative journalism where he’s practicing fearless journalism, silently fighting and exposing human rights abuses and inequalities.

Politicians and even wealthy individuals would travel abroad from Nigeria to seek medical treatment.

However, in Mr. Opaleye’s case, he left the United Kingdom for medical treatment in Nigeria after suffering an unexplained weight loss, Burns, and various unexplained health issues and concerns.

Within a few days of his arrival to Nigeria, he was examined by different top doctors in Nigeria from different levels, where he was treated with all kinds of support he would have gotten anywhere in the world.

Adebola is the epitome of humility; though he chooses journalism as his profession, he was also a fantastic carer, which according to our findings, was one of the best in his city Dundee.

We trust you are feeling better, and we are happy that you are getting the best care.

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