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Twitter Users Got Married 4 Years After The Lady Joked About Paying The Man’s Groom Price | See Details

A Female user on the popular microblogging site, Twitter has shared some adorable photos from her wedding, this comes 4 years after joking about paying the man’s groom price.

One of the reasons why you should never ignore everyone you see on Social media is that you can get your love partner or perfectmate there.

Inasmuch as social media is a platform that connect you with new people, there are still some enormous opportunities that you chanced to enjoy for being on the network.

Maybe the story of a lady who got married to her man, 4 years after meeting on the network will make you think twice never to snub everyone you see online.

The whole scenario started when the female user who is identified as @Rammie_X joked on one of the photos of the man which was shared by a friend, demanding if he was ready for marriage.

She wrote:

”Who is this nice young man? Is he ready for marriage? How much is for groom price? she wrote.

Funny enough, Nobody saw this coming but 4 years after, the Twitter user shared some wedding photos which amazed many people on the Microblogging site.

The bottom line is don’t always ignore everyone you see on social media.

Ladies, One out of 10 guys you have as followers might be your secret true lover and vice versa.

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If you are still have that doubt that you can’t get true love on social media, it is high time you start thinking positive.

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