Unveiling the Timeless Masterpiece: A Smartphone that Epitomizes Crisp Design and Top-Tier Photography

Smartphone photography has had an astonishing influence upon the fashion world—allowing for quick captures of runway shows, elite launches and VIP events, easily shared with friends and colleagues or uploaded to social media. Images such as these have acted as accelerants to style trends and contributed to the careers of new voices in fashion and editorial. As smartphone camera technology has improved, it’s granted all photographers the ability to depict their observations and it’s allowed viewers everywhere access to the tones and textures of the time. As such, the narratives of fashion and photography are woven together and a new smartphone, the TECNO CAMON 20 Series, with its “Style in Motion” concept, aims to write the next chapter at London Fashion Week.

Unveiling the Timeless Masterpiece: A Smartphone that Epitomizes Crisp Design and Top-Tier Photography

From leading anti-shake technology to an advanced seven-lens system, an ultra-sensitive light sensor and a suite of one-of-a-kind features, the TECNO CAMON 20 Series innovates smartphone photography and marks a milestone for the pioneering brand. Whether it’s capturing on-the-fly memories or captivating expressions of raw emotions, the TECNO CAMON 20 Series edges imagery closer to real life. Whereas traditional cameras have painted broad strokes of fashion week shows, the TECNO CAMON 20 Series has the ability to document detail down to the very emotion on the faces of models, with the power to capture not only external beauty, but also the subjects’ inner world.

To explore this for VOGUE, pioneering British Iranian photographer and filmmaker Aria ShahrokhshahI took the smartphone into the field. Each of ShahrokhshahI’s powerful images acts as an affirmation of the TECNO CAMON 20 Series’ aptitude. It goes beyond capturing moments, but rather, preserves the intricate details of each real life emotion.

“What impresses me most about the TECNO CAMON 20 series are all of the different features you can have access to on the camera. It gives you loads of control over it, which is quite unique on a mobile from being able to adjust the ISO to the shot speed to what kind of metering system it uses. It’s really unique to find a mobile phone with this much versatility and control.” – Aria Shahrokhshahi

TECNO considered everything from ergonomics to lighting angles when designing the Camon 20 Series—and all of this attention to detail equipped ShahrokhshahI during his efforts and will enable anyone else hoping to take an engaging portrait or shoot a stunning landscape. A glance at the constellation of cameras on the TECNO CAMON 20 Series back explains how this is possible: on top there’s an ultra-steady 50MP lens system, beneath it is an ultra-wide 108PM lens system. This is complemented by a ring flash and 2MP of bokeh effect, as well as a laser focus. Through this innovative smartphone, the true essence of fashion and the inner emotion of its subjects are immortalized in stunning detail, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and storytelling.

The imaging technology here helps to land photographs and videos that look more realistic. The RGBWpro light chaser sensor pulls in more light. This contributes to clarity and sharpness. An HDR feature lets a subject shine in an image, even when they’re lit from behind. Ultra-wide-angle shots are captured with an astounding 100 million pixels—and so are microscopic worlds documented through the macro feature, a new peak for the category. This is only some of what the TECNO CAMON 20 Series has to offer.

Unlike the frequent pace of fashion drops, smartphone design has stayed much the same for the last decade. The TECNO CAMON 20 Series defies this. Though the rounded rectangular shape and smooth front surface call to mind other smartphones, similarities stop there. With the smartphone’s CAMON PUZZLE Deconstructionist Design, the tech brand mirrors the deconstructivism trend of fashion and architecture, where fragmented, geometric layers harmonize. For the TECNO CAMON 20 Series, that manifests as a tantalizing and avant-garde design—which comes in textural variations ranging from leathery to opalescent.

For all of the significant technological strides, the most impactful part of the camera happens to be the surprisingly intuitive user experience and the noticeably improved quality of the images, especially in professional portrait photography. Often photographic moments can be elusive—dressed in low light or set amidst cinematic movement; the TECNO CAMON 20 Series captures it all. For professionals or fledgling photographers, it’s both a powerful tool and luxuriant accessory that fits the needs of the ever-changing fashion world.

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