Watch Leaked Video of Popular Kannywood Actress, Safiyya Yusuf (18+ Video)

Information reaching us at has it that the Sex video of Kannywood actress, Safara’u Safiya Yusuf, touching her breast and vagina, has leaked online.

Watch Leaked Video of Popular Kannywood Actress, Safiyya Yusuf  (18+ Video)

According to information, she ha addressed the video while speaking with the BBC.

She said: “The period when my nude video leaked was the most depressing time in my life because I spent three months without going close to the gate of my house, I was indoors,” she said.

“When I eventually mustered the courage to go out, people started abusing me on the road. In fact, one of them once stoned me while I was going out.

“I am really grateful for my family because they were the one that helped me overcome that experience. My brothers and extended family all helped by telling me to let go of the past and face the future.

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In a more developing news, it was said that Safiyya Yusuf has now accused her friends and associates of releasing her nude video on social media.

According to Safara’u, she has never sent any of her nude pictures or videos to anybody.

The actress in an interview with BBC Hausa on Tuesday also debunked the rumour that she is a lesbian.

Safara’u further stated that she recorded the nude video herself, but it was not meant to be shared with anyone.

She said, “70 per cent of ladies nowadays have such types of videos on their phones. It is just done for fun, not to go on social media and many ladies do that. I can’t specifically say the person that released the video, but all I know is that it must be among my friends and associates that used to take my phone. Because I used to give them my phone.

“I was deeply shocked when I saw the video and how it went viral all over the world. In fact, when I received the news I could not stand on my feet. I experienced a lot of challenges, people were mocking me. There was a time that someone even stoned me, all because of that video. I had to spend three months indoors without going near the gate of our house.”

She noted that she almost deactivate her social media accounts, but her parents advised her not to.

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