Nigerian women

What Nigeria women need might vary depending on how they were brought up or just the present condition.

Nigerian Women

I did some surveys by asking what some Nigerian women want most in 2021. Many said different things but generally, there are probably things that Nigerian women want most in 2021.

Below contain some of the probable things Nigerian women want most in 2020.

Nigerian women


As we all know that everyone loves money so women cannot do without money because they might want to change their wardrobe, plait new hairstyle, change cream, and many more.

Women usually want to look good in every aspect, so this is involved to make them look fashionista.


Apart from money, they want love which means that they want men to love them passionately and romantically. These days what most Nigerian women usually want is love and care.


Everything is not just loving because they also want men who are ready to listen to them, someone that is always ready to listen to anything she wants to say. This makes women feel special when a man gives the desired attention.


In a relationship, you can’t do without having domestic arguments. What keeps a woman more glued to a man is his ability to understand her well. Generally, women love men who can understand them. This makes a relationship lasts longer.


Nigerian women love hardworking men, someone who doesn’t use his job to joke that is always ready to work.

A hardworking man is usually loved by a good woman who cares about the future.


You will notice these days some marriages usually crash without a good reason. Do you know that crashed marriage can be due to the man’s fault?

A man that is not romantic in nature might not be enjoyed by a woman.

Being a romantic man makes your woman always think or go crazy about you.


No doubt, a Nigerian woman needs security from his man. A man who can not make a woman feel secure will always feel disrespected.


Nigerian women usually love to see their men look good, So a man who can dress well will always win the heart of a man.


For a long-lasting relationship, Being loyal or faithful is defined as being faithful to one’s oath, engagements or obligations.

Nigerian women love men who are sincere to them in all ways.

I think these are the basic things Nigerian women want most in 2021.

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