Renowned smartphone brand, TECNO, launched a new addition to the Camon 19 series, the Mondrian version. The event took place at the Art Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. This event was in partnership with the African Artistry Foundation (AAF).

The event was topnotch, with stakeholders in the art, tech, and entertainment industries present. One of the things that made the event unique was the presence of TECNO’s first female brand ambassador, Tiwa Savage, KOLs (names to be included) amongst others.

TECNO has never taken technological innovations lightly, and as a result, they are constantly looking for new ways to improve their smartphones and make them better. The Mondrian version has a unique tie to art; in fact, the name Mondrian is the cake of it all. The word Mondrian is coined from the name of the renowned artist Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who was famous for his color-blocked abstract artworks in the 1880s. This begs the question; how does art relate to technology? This question is what TECNO has answered with the Camon 19 Mondrian edition.

The Camon 19 Mondrian edition is specially and artistically designed with a clean and beautiful black and white aesthetic that allows the back of the phone to change colour to the Mondrian painting technique when sunlight hits it.

This is the first smartphone device to feature sunlight drawing technology, which allows the phone to change colours in direct sunlight. What this means is that you have a working, unique, genuine piece of art in your hands.

This beautiful innovation was shown to the audience at the unveiling, and they couldn’t help but marvel at TECNO’s initiative to merge art with technology, especially in times like these when phone design and aesthetics are beginning to matter to consumers.

The Mondrian edition boasts excellent specs, such as a 64MP rear camera, a 32MP selfie camera, optical zooming for more detailed photos, a 6.8-inch LCD display, and a memory fusion of 8GB RAM + 256GB internal storage. The TECNO Camon 19 simplifies and improves its users’ day-to-day tasks, including work and life in general.

Apart from this beautiful artistic feature, TECNO also throws in more to make the MONDRIAN EDITION special. The MONDRIAN EDITION will have a limited edition comes with a special autograph from Tiwa Savage, their first female brand ambassadors, at the back of the phone.

TECNO is one of the world’s leading smartphone innovators, sitting at the pinnacle of smartphone creativity and technology. The Mondrian edition seems to be a piece of unique and premium artsy technology everyone should have. One cannot wait for this luxury piece to enter the market in Nigeria.

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