Why are Nigerians Not Speaking Their Native Language Again ?

By now you might probably know that speaking one’s native language is necessary to transfer oral traditions, heritage and diversity through generations.

However, in this part of the world, speaking of native languages are significantly becoming obsolete to some people.

Although some languages are presently being taught as a subject and used to teach in many schools. The main issue is getting people to speak them correctly.

Some people once asked the below questions:

Why should I speak my language if my friend doesn’t speak it back to me?

Or why should i speak it if it is not cool to do so?

This reduction in the use of indigenous languages in Nigeria is linked to various factors which we are going to reveal with you today.

1. Government Policy On Language

The creation of a language policy by the Government, which identifies one language as the official language of that country, makes the said language the encouraging one.

Honestly, this type of policy favours one language against the other.

2. Overbearing Influence of the Western Culture

Our mother tongue has been affected by the overbearing influence of Western culture.

The majority speak and understand English even though it is not the only language in the country.

Why is it that we can’t also learn languages like Igbo, Fulfulde, Yoruba, Hausa and many others?

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3. Poor Parental Guidance

These days, you will agree that most parents don’t like to speak their native language to their children anymore.

Some parents even go to the extent of banning their kids from speaking such language in public.

Now the question is how would such a child learn the native language if their parents do not guide them?

The truth of the matter is if at a tender age and a child fails to be taught the indigenous language by his or her parent, it’s going to be very hard to speak fluently in that.

4. Fear of being Persecuted

Native speakers are scared of being caught as “razz” and loud, which makes you reason since when did we equate speaking one’s mother tongue to being uncultured?

How do people create a positive attitude toward a foreign language and a negative attitude toward their language?

It’s actually revealing that the value put on such traditions are nonexistent.

Now tell us how well you can speak your indigenous language in the comment box below?





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