Why Federal Government Suspended Passports Of Over 2,000 Travellers

The Federal Government in a new update has said that it is taking some actions to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic as it has suspended the passports of over 2,000 in-bound travellers for disobeying the strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Why Federal Government Suspended Passports Of Over 2,000 Travellers
Mukhtar Mohammed, the National incident manager of the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) said, during a press briefing that the government had to take such necessary steps to keep the people of Nigeria from a super spreader event that may cause danger.

Mohammed also explained that travellers who did not follow the strict Covid-19 protocol have been penalised. He also added that they had bolstered the surveillance systems at the airports and land borders to improve the security situation.

Passengers travelling from high-risk nations such as South Africa, Brazil, India, and Turkey must spend 14 days in government-approved isolation centres.

Mohammed said: “We have included the provision of quarantine for passengers who arrived from restricted countries, and people who evaded these protocols have been penalised by publishing their names, as well as by suspending their passports for one year.

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“Let me assure you that so far, we have published the list of over 2,000 people who evaded quarantine in our health facilities. And we have gone ahead to ensure that their passports are suspended. So, for every action, certainly, there are consequences,”

Passengers arriving from high-risk countries like South Africa, Brazil, India and Turkey are to embark on a mandatory 14-day quarantine in government-approved facilities.

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