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Why I Drop My New EP “Rush” On my Birthday – Bella Shmurda

Nigerian artiste, Ahmed Abiola Adebiyi who is popularly known as Bella Shmurda has dropped new single “Rush” and his fans are already praising him for that.

After releasing his new single, The CashApp crooner got interviewed by BBC where he said that “Rush” was his birthday gift to his fans.

Bella said he is into conscious music that has the tendency to awaken his fans.

“As sweet as my music, it always tries to pass the important message”

Bella Shmurda said his new song “Rush” is directed to people who always criticise him, saying he lives on the fast lane and he doesn’t even care about their opinion.

“They said I’m living in a rush because I’m moving fast. They also said that my matter has been exposed but I don’t care with whatever they say about me” He said this in the song.

Bella also used the song to stylishly speak on one of his recent trending videos where people claimed that he was too high when he performed in a big stage.

Speaking on the trending matter, the singer said despite how people were bombarding him with series of questions on why he was high, he didn’t give any dime reply because according to him, the high way is his way.

Why I Drop My New EP "Rush" On my Birthday - Bella Shmurda

What Bella Shmurda said in BBC Interview

Bella Shmurda said his fans should be expecting his album very soon and he has popular artiste that will be featured in the album.

He also confessed that what inspired his trending song “CashApp” was a result of what has been happening in his hood.


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The song is actually about where he is coming from and where he is hoping to be in future.

Bella advised his fans to say no to drugs, saying that is not the way but be creative is the real way.

He also plans to be on top of the Nigerian entertainment industry with hit songs.




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