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Why I joined Lekki Toll Gate Protest By Mr Macaroni

Popular comedian, Debo Adebayo who is popularly called Mr Macaroni has given some reasons why he joined other #OcuppyLekkiTollgate protesters on Saturday.

The comedian who was arrested together with other peaceful protesters on Saturday morning said he was initially reluctant to come out to protest due to the fear of being killed or arrested by security operatives.

He also revealed that his loved ones had warned him not to protest at the Lekki Toll gate but because he saw some peaceful protesters who were already on ground so he decided to join them in the protest movement.

In a video he shared today on social media platforms, Mr Macaroni confessed that He didn’t want to go out to protest but later joined the peaceful protesters.

Why I joined Lekki Toll Gate Protest By Mr Macaroni

He confirmed that the security operatives actually broke his two smartphones after he was arrested and also suffered wounds in his body because he was beaten and stripped naked by them.

“The only reason I went there is that I knew people would be there and in good conscience, I don’t know…

“But I knew people will die and I saw it because I can confirm that if words did not get out, people would have died because nobody would have known where anybody was or who picked up who.

“In fact, I was at Lekki Phase 1 first and I was about sooting, that is to tell you that I didn’t really want to go out because I was scared and I see”

“I don’t think anyone should be talking about maybe celebrities came out or did not come out because the situation we are in this country is deep shit and you cannot blame anyone”

People are scared or did you think I am scared?

People are scared of their life because we know that we are in Government that has zero value for human lives”

When we were picked up, we were taken to Adeniji, we were beaten and stripped naked”, he said.

He called for unity, encouraging people to stop creating division among them on basis of who joined the protest or not.

He also said that the other 39 peaceful protesters who were arrested stood on their grounds.

“These 39 people gave me the ginger to join the protest. They are the real heroes.”

He alleged that the police officers who arrested them were saying they would have killed them if no one knew about their arrest.

He denied the allegation that he was sponsored by former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar.

In the end, Mr Macaroni appreciated all the youths for speaking up and also expressed gratitude to people who offered assistance for him and other peaceful protesters.

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