Why I like Showing my Father’s Wealth – Davido Reveals

 Why I like Showing my Father’s Wealth – Davido Reveals
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Popular Nigerian singer, Davido finally revealed that the main reason why he likes showing off his father’s wealth on social media is just to motivate people and not to oppress them.


A few days ago, Davido took to his Instagram page to share a photo of the newly acquired private jet owned by his father.

When he was interviewed by the BBC, the singer shared his reasons for doing such below:

“We’re not here to rub it in anybody’s face, we’re here to show motivation.

Many kids write to me and tell me that I’m the reason they want to finish school, and projects, and become successful.

In America there’s people who think we live in huts, sometimes I feel like I want to show them… We’re living the life, we’re going crazy, you feel me?

It has nothing to do with showing off or trying to oppress anybody. They oppress us enough.”

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