Why Men Prefer Skinny Women; Number 2 Is Very True

Men have different preferences for women; some prefer those with hair extensions, fake nails, constant makeup, the goodies (you know what I’m talking about, lol), and any other attributes you can think of.

Why Men Prefer Skinny Women; Number 2 Is Very True

But I’ve chosen to outline the following reasons why some guys favor skinny women:

1. Most men find skinny women attractive

True, true! with the tight body, skinny arms, and lack of any creases. They are quite gorgeous, you can bet. They may wear body-con dresses with ease and high heels while maintaining a straight stance. Not to mention when they are wearing underwear… (ok, bye)

2.  Skinny women are perceived as sexually agile:

Although I don’t mean to bash my plus size queens, let’s face it—skinny gals truly rock those fellas. Slim women are seen as being sexually nimble. They are lighter in weight, manageable in bed, and other things like that. Therefore, the similarly active guys in bed would not want to be duped. Comparable to Game of Thrones (think about it).

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3. Skinny women are usually seen as healthy

You could be rolling your eyes at this point because you probably know a slim girl who can’t even walk three blocks and consumes junk food like it’s nobody’s business. Yes, my best friend is just that way. Guys naturally like to believe they are healthier than plus-sized women because they are the ones with the flat tummies and smaller waistlines, brisk walks like they are on the Victoria Secret catwalk, and other characteristics. (I can see you rolling your eyes once more)

4.  Slim women seem healthier after having babies

Yeah because they are perceived healthy, it is like the system is prepared for anything and they have lesser fat, it is believed that the womb is stronger and can easily carry the fetus with no complications.

5.  Slim women have a lower risk of heart attacks and diabetes

When you are clean and fat-free, your heart pumps freely, and your blood sugar level is normal, you are free of diabetes. The fact that slender women have the least amount of body fat means that they have the lowest risk of experiencing a heart attack. This is not to say that thin women cannot get diabetes or heart disease.





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