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Why Nigeria Should Ban Flights From Countries Affected By Coronavirus

As we all know by now that Coronavirus is the latest virus tormenting the world at the moment.


Coronavirus which was emanated from China has now spread to almost all continents.

Many cases have been reported in many countries like China, Italy, United Kingdom and others.

According to what Pulse Nigeria posted on Twitter, Africa has been the least hit with the virus, many countries including South Africa, Uganda, Ghana & Kenya have imposed travel restrictions.

However, Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation is yet to follow suit.

If we don’t follow appropriate measures to contain this virus, it might be very unfortunate.

It’s highly possible that right now there are people moving around with this virus in Nigeria which these Health Agencies don’t even know about.

My advice is to Federal Government is to close the border and restrict people travelling in from high-risk countries

I believe this can be mitigated in these ways:

Now that we are much aware that the case of coronavirus is mostly from Foreigners who came back to Nigeria.

The Federal Government can enforce a law to never allow any foreigner who is already in Nigeria to travel outside the country.

If this can be mandated as an official announcement, believe me, this coronavirus won’t stay here.

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At the moment, three cases of coronavirus havert4 been discovered through foreigners who got tested positive to the virus.

We should stop playing with this outbreak.

In your opinion, Do you think banning Flights from countries affected by Coronavirus will be the best option to mitigate the spread of the virus in Nigeria?

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