Why The Total Shutdown May Not Yield Success in Nigeria Amidst Coronavirus (Opinion)

 Why The Total Shutdown May Not Yield Success in Nigeria Amidst Coronavirus (Opinion)
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Hello, and how are you doing today, I have an opinion concerning the pandemic coronavirus that is currently tormenting Nigeria at large.


My opinion is focused on Why the Total shutdown may not yield success in Nigeria amidst Coronavirus.

As we all know that Nigeria has been reporting confirmed cases of Coronavirus daily and from the way things are, the Federal Government are making every necessary effort to mitigate or eradicate this pandemic virus by shutting down markets, schools, companies, public gathering, churches and many others.

According to NCDC, Nigeria currently has 46 confirmed cases of Coronavirus which most cases are from Lagos, Abuja even though one death has been recorded.

At the moment, Most states like Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, Oyo, Ondo, Rivers and many others have already shutdown public gathering, institutions, markets, Airports in a bid to eradicate the deadly virus.

But one question will need to ask is that has the Federal Government make provisions for its citizens?

I am sure the answer is NO

Many Citizens will find it hard to feed their families these time since sitting at home is now the best option to embrace.

Some government workers have not even received their monthly stipends, So tell me how these set of people will take care of their families now?

Most Citizens are dwelling on the daily sales they make from the extra business they venture into but in a situation whereby such market is shut down, what will be left for them?

What I see here is the Nigerian Governments are struggling to compete with other countries that have already shutdown Markets, places of work, Airports and many others.

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I am not saying that what the Federal Government is trying to do isn’t nice, What I am after is what are the provisions available for the Citizens since places of work have been shutdown.

ADVICE: I will implore the Federal Government should make provisions available for its citizens so we don’t die of hunger.

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Inasmuch we are trying to eradicate this deadly virus disease in Nigeria, every Citizen also deserved to be in a state of comfort.

What do you think the Federal Government can do to help the Citizens during this difficult time?



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Akinseye Sunday

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