With just N2,500 Feeder Pro account upgrade, you can get your account verified and join the XChain quickly before it becomes very large.

Xera Feeder Pro account

A Quick Xera Strategy To Cash Out Big In October!

As Xera website upgrades in the next 48hrs, here is a simple strategy to employ.

Joining the Xera first ever XChain is a milestone you can’t afford to miss. Many signed up for Xera 30days back but are yet to even get into the system hence no cashout.

It doesn’t matter how earlier you joined. Without going pro either through earnings from social engagement or buying pro PINs, you will remain as an outsider to the profit program.

It is at the moment you go pro, Xera admits you into an XChain and also the Profit Program. You either work it or pay for it.

With the Feeder Pro account upgrade of N2,500, you will be able to take that vital spot on Xera and guarantee your success.

If you are very impatient and too busy to engage or learn, then simply use the Feeder Pro Membership upgrade to get into the privilege spots on the XChain to guarantee your monthly cashouts.

If you need want to become a Xera member, kindly add me up on WhatsApp 08130197355.

I will guide you on how to register and what you need to be doing to make that money.

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