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Woman Conceives Without a Womb After Pioneering transplant


Jennifer Gobrecht, a lady who told at 17 by specialists that she was probably not going to have children since she was conceived without a womb, finally welcomed a child following a womb move from ‘a deceased donor.


Jennifer, 34, suffers from Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser disorder, an innate disease that occurs in 1 in 14,500 women.

She had no idea there was anything distinctive about her until she didn’t start her period at 17. She went to the specialists and was sent for an outing which revealed overwhelming determination.

She was shattered by the news as she generally needed her own children. After several years, she met a fellow mate, Drew and they started dating. She was honest with him about her condition so he admitted what he was pursuing.

They got caught in 2014 and people started talking, asking when they would have kids. Some revealed to Drew that he could have chosen better, but he demanded that it was Jennifer he needed.

The two knew from the start that they needed children and therefore started IVF in 2016, making 10 solidified undeveloped organisms. They even started talking to surrogate organizations.

woman conceives

Anyway, at that point, Jennifer read another clinical trial.

“I had read a review of uterine transfers, never thinking that in a million years, this might be an opportunity for us,” she says.

“At that point in 2017, I read that there was a start of preliminary clinical exploration at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, practically around the bend.

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“They were looking for volunteers to move a uterus. I said, too forcefully, ‘Is this wild? I believe I will apply “.”

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woman conceives without a womb

Fortunately, it worked, and Jennifer, who thought she would never be able to transmit her child in her body since she has no tummy, was given a choice. Their child was conceived on January 9, 2020.

Jennifer is the second in her country and is believed to be only the third on the planet to conceive offspring after having the technique.

without a womb

Jennifer, whose “supernatural” child is 10 months old, is currently sharing her story to show that there are promises for others like her.

She said: “I never thought in a million years that we would be here. For me, being the person who passed on our youngster was a mind-boggling experience, just pure satisfaction. That he was finally here was. a wonder.”

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