Xera Nigeria

Xera Nigeria is a platform that offers every user an equal playing field and an opportunity to excel. The system was built to solve some of the challenges of engaging young people and also transforming their pastime and hobby into a job.

Xera Nigeria
Without understanding and information, the prospect of equality is defeated. There is a need for every member to understand facts and build strategies on how they can succeed in Xera.
I will be running a series of lecture every evening on Xera and will explore some of the possibilities Xera brings to the fore.
Today’s let’s take Xera back to the beginning and how things have progressed and how it will spiral out of the reach of the latter users.
Xera was pre-launched on the 17th of August 2020 and we asked new interested members to signup and take up top spots on the Network. The Vision was laid out simple – Social (Facebook) and Commerce (Amazon) with YOU taking 80% revenue and Xera 20%.

  1. Jack came in first and created an account – The Alpha account
  2. Paul came in, created an account using Jack’s ID… he becomes Jack’s downline

These two accounts are both free accounts and have created Nil transaction. Xera has zero cash at this moment…. No revenue to share 20% – 80%.
Jack is currently heading the Xteam by virtue of coming first but though not yet verified or admitted into the Xera profit program….. He is like a lawyer out of uni but not yet called to bar.
Now this happens… Paul who came later and is seen as a downline of Jack, decides to verify his account and head an Xteam due to his understanding of the system and how he wants to play it.

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He decides to become a pro-user and now can’t be under Jack anymore because the system doesn’t allow a free user to host a pro-user. The system will automatically move Paul up the chain and add Jack as his downline and also credit Jack N500 active introducer bonus for bringing Paul to Xera.
It may seem the FREE user has lost out; the truth is you will never lose your referral bonus. What you lose is the future residual income from rev-share you ought to get from these ousted

So what do the FREE users on Xera Nigeria benefit?

The free users on Xera Nigeria should be regarded as workers. The people who really use Xera daily to share information, socialize and buy stuff they need regularly.
Though as they do all these, Xera credits then active earnings because their actions are generating real cash/revenue for Xera. The Rev-share gets back in and splits what they earn using same formula… Note, as these FREE accounts engage, you the sponsor/upline also get instant commissions from their actions. The pro-users don’t really wait for the FREE users to go pro before getting paid. The rev-share kicks in every time a cash-based transaction is done and it shares proceeds realtime.

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It is the referral bonuses that only come alive when the free user decides to withdraw the money he has earned engaging in Xera. Xera will require, he gets his account verified before getting paid… N5,700 is deducted from his account and credited to his chain of sponsors 7 generations.

So What Does The Pro-Users on Xera Nigeria benefits?

The pro-users on Xera Nigeria are usually called up the chain and made XTeam leaders. They usually have several thousand of downlines. Outside the one-time referral bonus, the pro-users get a lot of residual monthly income. Whenever sales are made, a post is made or any other transaction-based action takes place within their thousand of users, the pro-user get credited realtime. This small bits here and there daily from thousands of his downlines usually translates to better monthly income without really working.

To register as a member of Xera Nigeria, kindly visit https://xera.ng/Sunexx360

If you have difficulty in registering or need more information on how to make money on Xera Nigeria, Kindly call or whatsapp 08130197355

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