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Yakubu Gowon: See 5 Facts About Nigerian Former Head of State

On November 23, one of the members of the United Kingdom Parliament, Tom Tugendhat accused Nigeria’s former Military ruler, Yakubu Gowon of looting the Central Bank of Nigeria then relocating to London.

Reacting to the claim, Yakubu Gowon denied the allegation but since his name has now become a trending matter in Nigeria, Many people have started searching online for an in-depth information about him.

Here are our 5 historical facts about the former head of state.

1) Yakubu Gowon is from Plateau State.

On October 19, 1934, Gowon was born in a small village in the present  kanke local government area of Plateau State.

Gowon was fifth of eleven children that his parent has.

He grew up in Zaria and was raised in an Anglican Christian Church.

2) He was trained in the UK

Gowon Joined the Nigerian Army in 1954 and trained in the royal military Academy Sandhurt, UK. This was from 1955 – 1956.

He also attended Staff College Camberley, UK (1962) as well as the joint Staff College Latimer in 1965.

During his Exile in the UK, after his Military Rule, he bagged a PHD in political Science as a student at the University of warwick.

3) Gowon is the youngest political and military leader to rule Nigeria after the Counter-Coup in July 1966 led by Murtala Mohammed.

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He and his fellow coup-plotters endorsed Lieutenant colonel Gowon as Nigeria head of state.

He was just 31 years old during that period.

4) How Yakubu Gowon ruled during the civil war.

The Nigerian Civil war lasted up for 30 months between 1967 and 1970.

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Gowon, with the support of the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union isolated Biafra diplomatically and the Nigerian Army and navy isolated it physically.

The Gowon-led Government banned  all red Cross aid to Biafra and later restricted food suppliers, starving Biafra into submission.

5) Gowon ruled for nine years

On July 29, 1975 while Gowon was attending an OAU Summit in Kampala, Uganda, A group of officers led by Colonel Joe Nanven Garba announced his overthrow.

The Coup Plotters appointed Brigadier Murtala Muhammed as head of the new Government and brigadier Olusegun Obasanjo as his deputy.

Gowon immediately left for the Uk and returned to Nigeria in 1983.

What Else Do you know about Gowon ?

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